Bellanima is a project born out of passion for people and a firm belief that empathy and professionalism are the key ingredients of a successful therapeutical process. It is also a project that dares to talk openly about depression, to challenge the social taboo on this topic and to open up a window towards light for those who really need it.

Andreea Enache-Ţonoiu, Co-founder --

About us

Founded in 2013, Bellanima is the first medical center for the treatment of depression and associated disorders, that offers international standard mental health services.

Driven by the desire to offer the whole range of mental health services and to cover as many psychological problems as possible, for all age ranges, starting in 2014 we have enlarged the area of therapeutical interventions by developing services of psychotherapy and general psychiatry for adults and the elderly, as well as a psychotherapy and psychiatry service center for children and adolescents.

Our objective, as we like to define it, is to bring back to life „the beautiful soul” within people who lost their inner light.

Bellanima Medical Center offers to its clients:

  • international-standard therapeutical services for the treatment of psychological disorders
  • unique integrated and systemic approach, in which the key contributors to treatment are the psychiatrist, the psychotherapist, the client and his/her family or significant others
  • services personalized in accordance with our client’s objectives, personality and present life context
  • constant attention to customer evolution and satisfaction
  • continous structured evaluations of the therapeutical progress
  • integration of latest scientific research and clinical experience
  • therapeutical services in Romanian, English and French
  • specialists who have excellent professional skills and know-how and are guided by profound human values, power of empathy and genuine interest in transforming people’s lives for the better
  • climate of interdisciplinary work that is meant to deliver the best services on the market for our clients
  • best practices, latest know-how and knowledge resulting from an international partnership with one of the best psychotherapy schools in Europe – Sigmund Freud University din Viena
  • commitment to high quality services, scientific research and anti-stigmatization programs regarding depression as National Representative of European Depression Association.

Contact us for an appointment at Bellanima!

41 Pictor Daniel Rosenthal St., 1st floor, District 1, Bucharest (close to Charles de Gaulle Plaza – see map below)

Phone: 0735 151 153 | E-mail: contact@bellanima.ro


Oferta promotionala

Evaluare psihologica preliminara (2h) - 200 lei in luna Ianuarie!

Primul pas pe care il recomandam clientilor nostri, pentru a intelege ce anume poate fi imbunatatit din punctul de vedere al starii lor interioare, este evaluarea psihologica preliminara (2h) care are un pret special in aceasta luna.

La Bellanima, fiecare caz este tratat in mod personalizat, in functie de dificultatile, nevoile, obiectivele si resursele clientului nostru...