Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Europe

European Depression Association launched the results of the IDEA survey (Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Europe Audit). The European-wide survey was carried out in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and France and polled 7,000 workers and managers to reveal the impact of depression in the workplace and the subsequent personal and economic burden and how this varies across Europe.

Key findings:

  • One in five working people have been diagnosed as having depression by a doctor

  • One in ten working people have taken time off work because of depression

  • The highest rates of depression diagnoses were in Great Britain (26%) and the lowest in Italy (12%)

  • On average, 36 working days are lost per episode of depression, this equates to more than 21,000 days of lost working time in this group of people

  • The average number of working days taken off per depression episode was highest in Great Britain (41 working days) and lowest in Italy (23.1 working days)

  • Among workers experiencing depression, those in Germany (61%), Denmark (60%), and Great Britain (58%) were most likely to take time off work, while those in Turkey were the least likely to take time off (25%)

  • Only 20% of employees in France would tell their employer if they were diagnosed with depression versus an average of 34% (63% in Denmark)

  • Despite the size of the problem, nearly one in three managers reported they had no formal support or resources to deal with employees who have depression

  • 43% of people called for better policies and legislation to protect employees

  • 50% of people answered that counsellors or counselling services would be useful to support employees with depression

  • Awareness of the cognitive symptoms of depression is poor: when asked to identify signs of depression only 33% said forgetfulness, 44% indecisiveness and 57% trouble concentrating. In contrast 88% identified  low mood or sadness as a sign of depression.

Source: http://europeandepressionday.com/idea.html


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